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the problem

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Trafficking is one of the most serious violations of human rights. On any given day, over 40 million people are victims of bonded labor, forced marriage and forced sexual exploitation. Fifteen million people are living in a forced marriage, of which they did not consent, for the purpose of forced childbirth or domestic servitude. Exploitation of women and children easily accounts for the greatest proportion of global human slavery. Women and girls make up 99% of victims of forced sexual exploitation (ILO, 2017).

Ongoing civil conflict and insufficient job opportunities, especially in rural areas, has made Myanmar particularly vulnerable to trafficking. Almost one-third of Myanmar’s 52 million population live in poverty.


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Trafficking has devastating, long-lasting effects on the mental health of survivors and without treatment 80 per cent are at risk of re-victimization.  Trafficking survivors have some of the most complex mental and physical health needs of any crime survivors.

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