Counseling and Creative Therapy

Eden provides professional trauma counseling to all beneficiaries. Our professional trauma counsellors use recognised, psychotherapeutic behavioural therapy for persons who have significant psychological symptoms due to trauma exposure and the resulting post-traumatic stress disorder. Our innovative program helps our beneficiaries to process their traumatic memories, overcome problematic thoughts and behaviours, and develop effective coping and interpersonal skills.

Our life-skills programme facilitates the development of each beneficiary. Sessions encourage our beneficiaries to plan for their futures and set personal goals for themselves so they have an effective plan of action once they have completed our programme and are ready to be reintegrated into their communities

Margeaux Gray, a trafficking survivor, said: "Survivors of trafficking are not truly free until we are free of the traumatic after-effects."

Eden uses various methods of trauma-informed creative therapies to assist our beneficiaries to process and move beyond their trauma, rebuild their self-esteem and as an opportunity for self-discovery of strengths and interests. Creative therapy has been shown to drastically reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety often experienced in trauma.  Our creative therapy program also serves as a positive healing experience in a non threatening environment.