Who We ARe

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Eden is a local NGO that provides holistic care for young women and girls who have been trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation or forced marriage. 

We encourage each woman to revive and pursue their dreams. We invest in their lives so that they can grow and excel in reaching their goals and equip them for a future they never thought possible. Most importantly, we provide a trauma-informed environment for each woman and girl that comes to Eden.

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How we do it

Our rehabilitation program is a human centered design, that is both empowering and interactive. Drawing from 15 years of experience in Asia and assistance to over 600 women and girls to safely exit sex trafficking, as an affiliate of Eden Ministry (www.edenministry.org), Eden Myanmar focuses on building relationships and providing a trauma-informed approach to victim outreach and rehabilitation.


Established in 2014, Eden Myanmar applies a unique survivor centered approach to address trafficking in Myanmar and is currently the only organization offering shelter and employment to survivors alongside professional trauma counseling.

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What we know

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Eden Myanmar is the most trusted source of  “on the ground” trafficking data in Myanmar by international governments and organizations. Through effective monitoring and evaluations, Eden has compiled crucial, empirical information on trafficking in Myanmar. This information provides evidence in trafficking prevalence and scope and is the first step to a more victim-centered approach, anti-trafficking law implementation and prosecution.